Harpeth Consulting

Harpeth Consulting was formed by a group of senior executives, consultants, and healthcare industry veterans who recognized the need to develop a firm that specializes exclusively on the healthcare industry, especially in a healthcare rich geography such as Nashville, TN. Having worked together previously, they were able to assemble a team with great synergy, significant experience and subject-matter expertise. Now, just a few years later, Harpeth Consulting has grown by leaps and bounds, and stands ready to move into its next phase of growth by continuing to provide value to clients.

We are a management consulting and strategic advisory services firm that has “big box” experience, but never has a “boxed” solution considering every client’s needs are unique.  Harpeth Consulting serves organizations of all sizes across the continuum of the healthcare industry including for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare providers, payers, and federal, state and local government healthcare agencies. Our leadership team is made-up of industry executives who have worked for the nation’s largest and most dynamic payer, provider, and consulting organizations.

Our objective is to leverage deep industry expertise coupled with innovative thought leading solutions to prepare clients for long term success in the evolving healthcare landscape.  We believe that the intersection of client centricity, proven industry methodologies, and a passion for excellence yield consistent success.

Service Offerings:

Managed Care – We advise clients on strategy and infrastructure, provide best practice benchmarking, analyze contract language, and develop pre-negotiation and negotiation guide tools. Our technology driven solutions deliver rate impact analysis, contract language review, and infrastructure / technology readiness assessments. Our tailored implementation plans are designed to increase near term net patient revenue while optimizing client’s long term managed care strategies.

Post-Acute Care Alignment – Post-acute care constitutes the diverse array of follow-up healthcare services to patients after the acute in-patient encounter. As the healthcare industry moves towards a more integrated delivery model (e.g. ACOs, bundled payments, etc.), creating a dynamic and collaborative care continuum will become more and more valuable to both patients and healthcare providers. Developing and refining these relationships across the patient care continuum can help deliver 1) improved population health; 2) a better patient experience; and 3) reduce healthcare costs.

Strategy Development & Execution – We utilize a real-world approach coupled with innovative technology (powered by onFocus™) to develop, assess and implement strategic options.  We not only create, but also implement detailed execution plans cascading throughout the organization with metrics, KPI’s and accountability corresponding with illuminating Strategy Maps designed to facilitate successful execution.

ACO Services – We have the perspective and expertise that will not only help you assess your readiness for an ACO, assist and support in developing a strategy for accountable care, but realistically transform that strategy into successful execution.

Revenue Cycle Turnaround – We assist clients in understanding and benchmarking the current state of operations, internal controls, KPI reporting, dashboards, technology optimization across the revenue cycle. Post assessment, we design and implement a future state encompassing leading practice business processes, best in class technology resulting in sustainable enhanced cash flows.