Headquartered in Nashville, Uniguest provides its clients and end-users a comprehensive offering ranging from procurement to support of business centers, digital signage and interactive touchpoints in over 7,000 properties both domestically and internationally across many of the leading hospitality brands. In addition, the company provides in-room guest directories and related printing services.

After a year-long relationship with another financial advisor did not lead to a successful outcome, we were introduced to Mark Oldham, Chairman and Co-Founder of Uniguest, to discuss a potential subordinated debt and equity recap in order to provide liquidity to a large minority shareholder as well as access to growth capital. While a recap remained the primary objective, Mr. Oldham was open to an outright sale transaction at a higher valuation.

“After having been down the road on two transactions over the better part of the last year, I was initially hesitant to embark on another process,” said Mr. Oldham. “Upon engaging Harpeth Capital, within two weeks we were having meaningful conversations with potential financing sources and in fact had multiple term sheets in hand before we decided to accept the offer from Atlantic Street Capital. I can’t thank the team at Harpeth Capital enough for selecting the right firm, guiding us through the process and leading us to a successful close in a matter of months."