Jim Lackey recieves NEXT Award for Legacy Entreperneur of the Year
Jim Lackey, CEO of EnableComp, was named the 2014 NEXT Award Legacy Entrepreneur of the Year. The NEXT Awards, hosted by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, honor Nashville’s fast-growing, innovative companies and leading entrepreneurs. More than 50 companies and 10 individuals were named as finalists in five sectors.

We are honored to have Jim as a member of the Harpeth Capital Advisory Board.

“The applicants for this year’s NEXT Awards can be viewed as a cross-section of Nashville’s creative class,” said Ralph Schulz, president and CEO, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. “The energy and innovation these people and companies bring to our local economy is an important part of Nashville’s growth.”

“I’m truly impressed by the knowledge these NEXT Award winners have brought to their companies and the generosity with which they help other entrepreneurs to make the same journey,” said Michael Burcham, president and CEO, Nashville Entrepreneur Center. “Their ability to identify needs in the marketplace and build companies around solutions is truly impressive.”