Harpeth Capital Holds 10th Annual Healthcare Forum

Harpeth Capital assembled a group of leading healthcare executives and professionals for the Firm’s 10th Annual Healthcare Forum, held at the Janet Ayers Academic Center on the campus of Belmont University.

The event featured a presentation and discussion between Larry Van Horn, Executive Director for Health Affairs, Owen Graduate School of Management (Vanderbilt University), and Daniel Stein, CEO of Embold Health and former Chief Medical Officer, Walmart Care Clinics.

The conversation centered on the increase in healthcare consumers’ out-of-pocket costs for services and plan premiums.  Given the prevalence of high deductible plans, great efforts are being made by large employers to break from the status quo and find better ways to improve outcomes and reduce costs for all parties.

There is a growing recognition among large employers, whether it is the Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JP Morgan alliance – each representing over one million employees – or Walmart with its 1.5 million employees, that more needs to be done to improve their employees’ access to healthcare.  Large employers are realizing they have the leverage to affect change.  The savings for both the employer and the consumer are very meaningful and causing them to finally start seriously addressing the issue.

Through its annual forum, Harpeth Capital has presented leading healthcare experts to address its healthcare executive network.  Below are some of the previous speakers:

Governor Mike Huckabee             Senator Bill Frist

Governor Phil Bredesen               Congressman Jim Cooper

Dr. Harry Jacobson                     Jack Bovender

Clayton McWhorter                     Milton Johnson

Please click here to view pictures from the event.