ServicesWe provide a broad range of investment banking services by combining a unique blend of sophisticated technical skills and industry expertise in several industries, particularly healthcare. But above and beyond everything else, we are transaction specialists. We have decades of experience completing complex transactions in a variety of industries and have developed a reputation of getting deals done. Regardless of the transactional context or situation, our advice is formed with the goal of helping our clients identify and pursue the best course of action possible and making informed decisions.

General Advisory
In addition to serving as financial advisor in connection with specific transactions (M&A or capital raising) we also provide a broad range of general advisory services:

Fairness Opinions

We provide fairness opinions on a stand-alone basis or in support of a broader financial advisory assignment. Boards of Directors of public companies are increasingly challenged to illustrate independence in all of their decisions, making the use of third-party advisors to render fairness opinions in connection with an M&A transaction as well as “conflict” transactions and other corporate initiatives an invaluable, and often necessary, course of action. We have rendered fairness opinions, including supporting opinions, to companies in a variety of industries in both contested and friendly transactions. Whether the situation is complex or straightforward, our knowledge of the securities and financing markets, transaction experience, and focus on middle market companies are qualities that are important for shareholders, Boards of Directors or Special Committees, particularly in today?s business environment.


We actively advise clients on recapitalization and refinancing transactions that allow our clients to (i) achieve liquidity via full or partial-ownership changes, (ii) allow for inter-generational ownership transfers and other business succession purposes, or (iii) restructure and “clean up” the company?s balance sheet. Liquidity can be achieved by raising outside equity (selling a minority or majority stake of the company?s equity), subordinated debt and/or senior debt. Recapitalizations and refinancings have a dual nature as they have a financial advisory component and require our capital raising services. We tend to focus on recapitalization and refinancing transactions exceeding $10 million in total size.


Business valuations are an important element in a variety of contexts and situations, including tax planning, mergers & acquisitions, SEC reporting, buyouts of shareholders or partner interests, and litigation.

When performed by qualified business appraisers, business valuations can be used in a number of ways, including:

  • Comply with the IRS’s Gift Tax Adequate Disclosure Rules as it relates to gift and estate tax planning.
  • As a tool to facilitate the transitioning and transfer of ownership in a family business from one generation to the next.
  • Used as a tool to quantify value in shareholder buyouts.
  • Used in the buyout of partner interests and/or in determining at what value to transact in buy/sell agreements between partners.
  • Quantify and establish economic value or economic loss in litigation or when a business interest is in dispute.
  • Quantify and establish the economic value of a business or other assets during divorce proceedings.
  • Used as a tool by owners or managers of private companies in quantifying their company?s value and in assessing where their business stands as of a specific point in time.
  • Used by owners or managers of private companies in assessing their value as part of strategic planning or pre-transaction strategy.

Our clients include:

  • Owners of private businesses
  • Shareholders of large and small private companies
  • High net worth individuals
  • Attorneys
  • Financial planners
  • Private bankers
  • Mediators
  • Defendants or plaintiffs in business and contract litigation or divorce proceedings

Other Advisory Services

  • Corporate defense advisory (shareholder rights plans, etc.)
  • Strategic alternatives reviews
  • Financial analyses and modeling
  • Strategic planning
  • Deal structure analyses
  • Formation of partnerships, joint ventures, and strategic alliances, in both domestic and cross-border transactions
  • Litigation support (general litigation and bankruptcy proceedings)
  • Expert testimony
  • Executive Sounding Board services, under which we act as a “sounding board” and unbiased, independent advisor to CEOs and Board members of public companies in performing their executive and fiduciary duties and/or evaluating various transactions.